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Gloriosa Farms was established in the 1980’s in Celina, TX (just 30 miles north of Dallas).  Our involvement with the Andalusian has been a passionate affair and we’ve enjoyed being able to introduce and promote the breed to many others.  Primarily a breeding farm, we have developed a program aimed toward producing a horsemen’s horse: an athletic, functional horse, especially focused on keeping the traditional form and temperament this breed is so prized for.  Our primary concentration is working with our youngsters to accomplish healthy, mannerly, loving horses suitable for a variety of pursuits.   

Horses bred by Gloriosa Farms have garnered attention from the dressage arenas in Florida to spotlighted exhibition performers.  Most importantly to their owners they are both cherished companions and champions in their own right.  We are proud to have been involved in the IALHA and have been supporters of the IALHA National Show for several years.  We always have performance oriented youngsters and select breeding stock available for purchase.

The farm maintains 2 separate barns with 20 stalls plus 12 paddocks of substantial turnout runs with individual shelters, along with a plush mare field.  All of our fencing consists of 6 ft high non-climb “horse wire” for maximum safety.  We offer stallion service to outside mares including accommodations to suit their particular need (stall or individual turnout).






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Quote from Professional Horsewoman Laura Amandis  - owner of the famous exhibition horse Acierto.

"Acierto came to me from Glorioso Farms in Celina, Texas as a 2 yr old colt. I wanted to find a special horse and build my dream. I remember saying to Acierto's breeder Dawn Griggs, just before he climbed on to my beat up old truck and trailer with a baby on my hip, "I'm going to make him a star." Graciously, she smiled. Several years passed before we met again and with that same smile we shared pride in what we had done.

Now in his 15th year, looking back we have shared so much. I have been both student and teacher. Working with a horse that has a mind like Acierto is rare pleasure. He has always been the horse I trusted to do the job first. Acierto has done a large number of shows . Thankfully has stayed strong and continues to challenge me.

I have trained several Liberty horses during my career. When the time came for Acierto to join me in the dance, the training started early summer in 2002, to my surprise 4 months later he was ready. I think we both had the experience and trust in each other that enabled us to accomplish this in such a short time frame, It had never happened before.

I see so much more in horses because of him. I now know that the bond between human and horse can be very powerful.

I believe for all of us life can knock us down. Finding the strength to stand and brush off the dirt can seem impossible. For me it came from my faith, my beautiful daughter Alexa and a love for a stallion who made our family complete. "